Brighton Big Dog 2014 Pictures & Results

Taken By Tom Day

Well that was fun! The 2014 Brighton Big Dog has come and gone, and this year was certainly a vintage year. It may not have had some of the classic sections however the brand new sections and a new way to link them together certainly made for a fast, hard, challenging and of course, fun race.

Over the next few days pictures will start popping up on the web, to supplement ours (we don’t have that many as we were racing too! Or in Matt’s case telling jokes) we will update this page with links to photosets although here is Lewis and myslef from the Moran Photography Gallery.

Moran Photography: 2014 Brighton BigDog &emdash; Wallpaper-2037Moran Photography: 2014 Brighton BigDog &emdash; Wallpaper-1955

If you haven’t looked at the results yet, they are here too. Who was the fastest or slowest on the team? How did you compare against the pros or your mates on other teams? Time to find out.

Looking forward to it all again next year when I have heard rumors of bigger and better things.



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