Bikepacking the Camino Portugal – Prolouge


After reading so many articles, having friends always dashing off on overnight backpacking adventures, I thought it was about time I got in on the action. Now I’m sure most sensible people would have their first bikepacking experience with their mates, on some local turf, within easy escape if something goes pear shaped. Yeah I didn’t do that…..


My first ever bikepacking experience was to be in another country, with 550km to go and no plan other than follow the John Brierley walking guide for the Camino Portugal from Lisbon in Portugal to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain (Galicia). This is an ancient pilgrimage route that was incredibly well signposted the entire way. However I didn’t do it completely blind as Brighton locals Stu and Helen completed this route last year. Their advice and loan of equipment was invaluable in both calming my anxiety and making sure the trip was incredibly enjoyable.


So me and my trusty Niner One 9 (I did give it gears for this trip though) took an easy jet flight to Lisbon where the adventure began.


Over the next few weeks I’ll post the ramblings I wrote in my notebook each day and some pictures of the route. hopefully it will inspire some of you to go and do this route yourself. It was an incredible experience which has left a hunger for more however I would also do this route again, it was that good.



6 thoughts on “Bikepacking the Camino Portugal – Prolouge

  1. Great!
    Nice to know that someone comes from outside to do Bikepacking here in Portugal.. Take care with the hot wheather!

    (Facebook group: Portugal Bikepacking)


  2. Please continue to post more on this topic. I live in southern Portugal and am very interested on doing this trip. Unfortunately there isn’t too much info on this trail. Really looking forward to reading more on your journey. Thank you.


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