China on two wheels and through a lens. Part Two. LKLM fun.

First of all I would like to say thanks for the positive feedback on my first post and now that I’ve introduced myself to the OTB viewers I promise that the future posts will not be so heavy on the reading!
Having spent around two weeks living in the LKLM dormitory I thought it was about time I made another entry to OTB, I really didn’t plan to stay in Shenzhen city anywhere near as long as I have but due to the riding scene and the good friends I have here the time has flown by! Since my last post me and the LKLM crew have been on two major rides out to the mountains that surround Shenzhen and one road trip to Feng shun which is about a four hour drive to enter in a 168km enduro event.

_DSF3745-2 _DSF3771-2 _DSF3776-2 _DSF3777-2 _DSF3778-2

A short afternoon ride to Ji Gong mountain in Longgang district surrounding Shenzhen.
Photo captions.
1. LKLM crew after a big feast and 5 bottles of rice wine.
2 to 5. Testing some new bikes and other LKLM toys! A summit view and a brief stop at the mountain spring.The bike in the final photo is a prototype for next years range, lugged frame and forks is a new look for LKLM and the attention to detail going in to next years range is looking good.

_DSF3790 _DSF3796 _DSF3797 _DSF3799 _DSF3802 _DSF3808 _DSF3810 _DSF3813

An 86km lap around Longgang district.
Photo captions.
1. Annie is a friend and local rider in Shenzhen who I have known for a little while, as I was in Shenzhen we met up for a cruise around some of the parks in central Shenzhen. Annie is full of life and loves almost any sporting activity! She is a strong and independent young girl who is a perfect example of “The modern Chinese girl!” Nice to see you Annie and hope you have a fantastic time in America!
2 + 3. Leaving LKLM HQ at 06:30 and heading for the mountains.
4. The meeting point at the foot of the mountains, quick breakfast and on with the climb.
5. Looking back down from about 3/4s of the way up, sadly as you reached the summit of this climb the road became hidden behind the trees.
6. A few games of Mah zhong whilst waiting for lunch to be cooked.
7. The descent was an enjoyable one with plenty of switchbacks.
8. The South China Sea! Having lived in Mainland China now for a while its been almost three years since I last saw the coast! I hadn’t noticed just how much I missed this part of my upbringing until I saw it again!

_DSF3821 _DSF3825 _DSF3831 _DSF3833 _DSF3838

_DSF3840 _DSF3842 _DSF3851 _DSF3853 _DSF3857 _DSF3860 _DSF3864 _DSF3866 _DSF3874 _DSF3875

Fengshun 168km Enduro Event.
A four hour drive East from Shenzhen takes you to a place called Meizhou, surrounding Meizhou there are lots of small towns nestled amongst some beautiful mountain scenery! Arriving at our destination we took a quick tour around the park to find the start line and then drove around town until we found a suitable camping spot! A half built house was perfect for us, unpack the car, rebuild the bikes and get the hotpot blazing! A dinner of lotus root, ribs and pigs feet stew before a few shots of rice wine and off to bed for an early night. Not the best camping spot due to heavy trucks rumbling past throughout the night but slept through until 6am then cruised our way down to the start line before sunrise. A fantastic day with lots of pedalling, eating and laughter! Being one of the few foreigners on the course I even got interviewed for the local news broadcast, quite an experience! Too funny!
Thanks to LKLM for hooking us up with this trip, it will not be forgotten!
Photo captions
1. Fully loaded car, 5 bikes, 5 dudes and a shit load of pigs feet.
2. Arriving at our destination, checking out the start line.
3. Hot pot of pigs feet and ribs.
4. Old wolf stoked on his camping location.
5. Early morning mountains as the sun burns through the clouds, first climb of the day.
6. Cruising through some mountain towns.
7. A cheesy photo for the local TV broadcasters.
8. Starting the second climb of the day.
9. About 80km in a young Chinese girl still has enough energy for a casual pose.
10. Lunch stop, xiao long bao, minced pork and soup inside a bread ball with soya been milk.
11. Granny is not impressed.
12. Stocking up on Redbull.
13. A group of girls wearing the traditional minority clothing wait at the summit of the third climb to cheer you on!
14. Back in the river basin.
15. The final descent with about 25km left to go.

Today is Monday 9th of November, I plan to get back on the road on Wednesday after my long rest with LKLM. There will be a few weeks to wait for the next update so stay posted!
Thanks again guys,

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