An open letter to the bike industry – Keep doing what you’re doing


The bike industry created this. Nuff said!

We probably all have that friend. You know, the one when 29er’s came out had a hissy fit about the bike industry just doing it to make us spend money. Normally they also bang on about how their trusty 26” bike or steel road bike was better in every way. They probably had the same strop when fat bikes, carbon, 650b, 29+, 27+ or new (insert any brand you like) BB or headset standard came out. I agree with them and I think they are right; the bike industry does want our money. However what’s wrong with that? I love my 29er, really want a 29+ and have a myriad of different BB and headset standards on my bike collection. Continue reading

Ti Tuesday – Moots Psychlo X RSL

OK, so it’s another Moots, but just look at it! This is a thing of beauty, I could make some space in Jimbo towers for one of these…..

moots psychlo x

moots psychlo x

Exploring – One of the best reasons to own a bike 113Ever wondered what’s over the hill, round that bend or whether the road or trail in front of you actually goes anywhere? I do, a lot. Sometimes that curiosity gets the better of me and an exploration will occur. One thing a bike gives you is that freedom and ability to explore, and efficiently too. It doesn’t take long to cover a significant distance or backtrack when you have gone terribly wrong. If you have yet to use your bike to aimlessly explore (or even with a target of finding something or working out a route to somewhere) then I urge you to give it a go. After all what’s the worst that can happen? Any adversity experienced only adds to the adventure. Now that winter is upon us, that motivation can die away however if you can find that little bit of get up and go, you will be highly rewarded. Click more to see some of my last exploration trip. Continue reading

Ti Tuesday – No 22 Broken Arrow

Here’s a new one on me, No 22 Bicycle company, it popped up on the BikeRumor web site. Check out the super lush Broken Arrow CX bike – Jimbo

No 22 Bikes Broken Arrow

Ti Tuesday – Mosaic Cycles

It’s Ti Tuesday again and what better way to celebrate the festive time of year than with some more exquisite hand made titanium lushness?

Today we have Mosaic Cycles, they do road, MTB and CX bikes and that’s what we’re going to look at, CX loveliness…….



DSC_2960 copy

DSC_2985 copy

Video & Massive Gallery – Morvelo Battle Royale


Today was the inaugural Morvelo Battle Royale, and what a success it was. It’s a pretty simple format, you have a team of 3 and the losing team is decided by who crosses the line last. Done on a knock out system with a few wild cards to keep it interesting and give those lucky few drawn a second chance. The winning team came through on a wild card; it would have been a very different race without that lucky break. Continue reading