An open letter to the bike industry – Keep doing what you’re doing


The bike industry created this. Nuff said!

We probably all have that friend. You know, the one when 29er’s came out had a hissy fit about the bike industry just doing it to make us spend money. Normally they also bang on about how their trusty 26” bike or steel road bike was better in every way. They probably had the same strop when fat bikes, carbon, 650b, 29+, 27+ or new (insert any brand you like) BB or headset standard came out. I agree with them and I think they are right; the bike industry does want our money. However what’s wrong with that? I love my 29er, really want a 29+ and have a myriad of different BB and headset standards on my bike collection. Continue reading

Ti Tuesday – T6 Standard Fat

I’ve accidentally skipped a week of titanium lushness, so let’s bring it back with the new Twin Six Standard Fat.


Twin six standard fat

Twin six standard fat

Ti Tuesday – Moots Frosthammer

Hello, my name is Jimbo and I have a Titanium problem! Over The Bar will have a new “Ti Tuesday” where I will share the objects of my desire, the planet’s best examples of Titanium lushness.

What is not to like about this Moots Frosthammer? At a cool $3299.99 for the frame it seems like a bargain, fatbike goodness, ready to accept the new Rockshox Bluto fork. What more could you want?

Moots Frosthammer

Titanium lushness from Moots

Bamboo Bicycle Club Evening at The Velo Cafe – I want to build my own frame now

Bamboo on the jig

Tonight was the Bamboo Bicycle Club evening talk at the Velo Cafe. I’m not sure what your first thoughts are when you hear bamboo bike, however mine were skeptical at best. I’m not really sure what I was expecting or what I would take away from tonight. And you know what, I came away really inspired, impressed and seriously considering building my own frame out of bamboo. Read more to find out what you can build and how you can do it yourself in the shed. Continue reading