Bikepacking the Camino Portugal ā€“ Day 5: Oliveira de Azemeis ā€“ Porto & Villa du Conde ā€“ 49.9mi 2,838ft


Today I was focused as Porto and the beach were so close and all I wanted was swim in the sea and drink beer. Therefore I put my foot down to get there as soon as possible. Stu and Helen prior to the trip had told me about a campsite next to the beach in Villa du Conde that was to be my final destination of the day. However I donā€™t think I found the right one, unless a crowded rundown holiday camp was the correct place. Continue reading

Bikepacking the Camino Portugal – Prolouge


After reading so many articles, having friends always dashing off on overnight backpacking adventures, I thought it was about time I got in on the action. Now I’m sure most sensible people would have their first bikepacking experience with their mates, on some local turf, within easy escape if something goes pear shaped. Yeah I didn’t do that….. Continue reading