Exploring – One of the best reasons to own a bike

www.overthebarblog.com 113Ever wondered what’s over the hill, round that bend or whether the road or trail in front of you actually goes anywhere? I do, a lot. Sometimes that curiosity gets the better of me and an exploration will occur. One thing a bike gives you is that freedom and ability to explore, and efficiently too. It doesn’t take long to cover a significant distance or backtrack when you have gone terribly wrong. If you have yet to use your bike to aimlessly explore (or even with a target of finding something or working out a route to somewhere) then I urge you to give it a go. After all what’s the worst that can happen? Any adversity experienced only adds to the adventure. Now that winter is upon us, that motivation can die away however if you can find that little bit of get up and go, you will be highly rewarded. Click more to see some of my last exploration trip. Continue reading

Cool Bikes – My Felt Breed Single Speed Cyclocross (SSCX)

Felt Breed SSCX

Words and Pictures by Gareth Taylor

Single speed Cyclocross bikes are a strange combination, grinding up muddy hills and blasting singletrack on a bike that isn’t really suited for the job is also a little perverse. However mine is probably the best bike I own. Not value wise or exclusivity etc., more that it’s the most fun to ride and that’s the most important factor isn’t it?

More pictures and details of this bike after the break.

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