PPPPPP (The 6 P’s)


Now you would think that after two decades of riding bikes, I’d have my shit sorted by now. You know, everything in the right place ready to go with minimal faff to make the most of those fleeting opportunities to ride. Well thats clearly not the case. The amount of procrastination, looking for lost gloves or the elusive hidden favourite gilet always eats into my riding time and now I have begun to regress and become useless again.

Thankfully my bikes are mostly always ready to go. This has been achieved by removing some moving parts (the gears and suspension forks) so there is less to go wrong and fits in with my no bike maintenance other than the essential lifestyle.

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Summer Will Return


Summer may feel like its a very long way away, however the motivation to get out now is still there. Helps that it’s hardly been cold down here on the South coast! Wishing you a good weekend of riding with buddies and getting those miles in.

The last few tickets for the Brighton Big Dog are going to go quick

What colour will this years mug be?

What colour will this years mug be?

If you haven’t entered this incredible MTB race in the glorious Stanmer Park, then you really should! Its on the 15th of August and expect a day of excellent trails, great music from the Ride Journal DJ’s and a after party in the heart of Brighton.

There are a few places left but I expect they will be going very fast. Go to the Big Dog website to get your entry.

The Brighton Big Dog Course 2014 – Mapped

Big Dog 2014 Course

A week Saturday, it’s time for the Big Dog 2014 in Stanmer Park, Brighton. Me and course designer Paul rode the official route tonight to get a GPS map that we can share. The Course is 5.4 miles long with 850 feet of climbing and singletrack forever. It’s a great course this year which I can’t wait to race on, oh and have tea and cake. Continue reading

Brighton Big Dog 2014 – 16th August

Words and Pictures by Gareth Taylor

The Brighton Big Dog is now in its 6th year, and nearly everyone you ask, says that this is the best race of the year bar none.

Click to read more and find out why this is the case.

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